The European Business Competence Licence (EBCL) is an established business qualification certificate that demonstrates the holder has the core knowledge needed to:

  • Take part in economic life
  • Be able to run a department or a division in a big organization and make effective managerial decisions
  • Control and manage the financial aspects of a project
  • Start up and run a new business

International Qualification & Certification
International Qualification & Certification (IQ C-Vienna) based in Vienna Austria offers complete internationally accredited concepts including exams and certification.

ON Certified Service
”ON Certified Service“ allows the provider to prove convincingly that his services are in full conformity with the requirements defined in Austrian Standards (ÖNORMEN) or ON Rules. He can thus stand out against uncertified competitors.



The aim of Language Industry Certification System (LICS) is to offer the language industry worldwide a set of unique tools of comparable and reliable proof of the quality of their services based on relevant standards and thus to certify the conformity of existing and future European (CEN) and International Standards (ISO).