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Top Universities in the world

Since 2004 the Ranking Web is published twice a year (January and July) covering more than 17 000 Higher Education Institutions worldwide. Web presence measures the activity and visibility of the institutions and it is a good indicator of impact and prestige of universities. Rank summarizes the global performance of the University provides information for candidate students and scholars and reflects the commitment to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Center of Global Education

The World Wide Colleges and Universities Website is a resource of the USC Center for Global Education. The site provides web links to colleges and universities around the world. Along with a link to the home language home page the site also provides direct links to an English Language Home Page and the Website of the International Relations Office. Through connection to resources like the International Association of Universities (IAU) UNESCO World Academic Database and other websites World Wide Colleges and Universities also provides a background on the system of higher education for each country around the world.

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Translators Base is the leading provider of translation services via network of global high quality service providers. is a source of translation jobs and provides tools and services to help you bring your translation business to the next level.

Translators Cafe

Visitors to TranslatorsCafé.com will find a new and very convenient way to connect with others in the international linguistic community.

Ministry of Education

Cairo University

A comprehensive institution of higher learning located in Giza Egypt is committed to prepare students for the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace. Through interactive learning and new information technologies. Our graduates are poised to enter the work force with the skills needed to succeeded in today’s global marketplaces

Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University was founded in July 1950 under the name of “Ibrahim Pasha University”.it is considered one of the major Universities in Egypt it includes 15 Faculties and 2 High Institutes . It includes more than 180 000 Students 5 000 staff members 4 000 assistant staff and more than 100 Centers and Special Units.

Helwan University

Helwan University was born as a giant because in comparison to other Egyptian universities Helwan University possesses distinctive specializations. Because Helwan University lies inside the heart of the industrial community at Helwan it represents a unique model among Egyptian universities in general. It is a university of technology it possesses all the factors of distinction and diversity.

El Azhar University

Alexandria University

The history of Alexandria University goes back deeper into the ancient B.C. era. It is synchronized with the history of the Bibliotheca Alexandria which corresponds to the construction of the city of Alexandria in 331 B.C. The modern Alexandria University was established in 1943. It is deemed to be the second University in modern Egypt. Cairo University being the first.

Mansoura University

Zakazik University

Zagazig University (ZU) was founded in 1974 as a state university in accordance with the presidential decree number 18 to create and transfer knowledge that will shape citizens who contribute to their communities and lead their professions in a global society.

El Minia university

El Menoufia University

El Fayoum University

Fayoum University is a centre for learning and knowledge. It includes 13 faculties. The faculties are: Faculty of Education Faculty of Agriculture Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Social Work Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom Faculty of Science Faculty of Tourism & Hotels Faculty of Specific Education Faculty of Archaeology Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Arts Faculty of Information & Computer Sciences and Faculty of Kindergarten. The university embraces around 25 thousand students and about two thousand of teaching staff members.

Assiut University

Assiut University was established in October 1957 as the first university in Upper Egypt to prepare highly qualified graduates with the basic specialized academic knowledge and training expertise on the various necessary skills. Besides the university offers an abundance of programs complying with the contemporary world changes.

Cairo University Center for Open Education

Provide a chance of continuing education to students and the workforce who look forward to raising their culture and academic standards.

Information Technology Institute

To create shape nurture and empower the Egyptian IT community by developing and disseminating state-of-the-art training processes on forefront applications and programs


At IBM we strive to lead in the creation development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies including computer systems software networking systems storage devices and microelectronics.


The Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA is the Egyptian business partner making sure that you get all the help you need. We are primarily concerned with building the capacities of the local IT companies attracting and servicing multi-national IT companies and growing a qualified sustainable and deployable talent pool.

Leo Dictionary

The online service with the popular German-English German-French German-Spanish and — since April 2008 — German-Italian and German-Chinese dictionaries.

Word Reference

The WordReference Dictionaries are free online translation dictionaries. The most popular dictionaries are the Spanish Dictionary French Dictionary and the Italian Dictionary.

InterActive Terminology for Europe

IATE (= “Inter-Active Terminology for Europe”) is the EU inter-institutional terminology database. IATE has been used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection dissemination and shared management of EU-specific terminology.


Everyone who watches TV as it is transmitted has to pay for a licence but you get much more than just TV. It pays for all the BBC output including radio and online.


Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English tells the stories that other networks do not.

Headquartered in the Middle East we give voice to the voiceless in under-reported regions with journalism that is honest courageous and dist

Al Arabiya is the online presence of Al Arabiya News Channel the leading news channel in the Arab world.
The Arabic-language version of came into being on February 21 2004 after a process of technical buildup and editorial and creative planning that started with the launch of Al Arabiya TV in March 2003.


The international edition of is constantly updated to bring you the top news stories from around the world. It is produced by dedicated staff in London and Hong Kong working with colleagues at CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta Georgia and with bureaus worldwide. relies heavily on CNN’s global team of over 4 000 news professionals.

National & Local Weather Forecast

Since 1982 The Weather Channel has brought timely weather information to the world.
Beginning as a 24-hour 7 day television network devoted entirely to weather it has expanded across several mediums to bring the breaking weather to its viewers and users.

Yahoo Weather


Your source for regular reliable city weather forecasts out to 6 days. Each location also has an info map webcams current weather conditions our unique “weatherfinder” tool plus interactive weather maps.

Egypt Air

EGYPTAIR is one of the pioneer airlines in the world established in May 1932 to become the seventh carrier in the world.

Jazeera Airways

Today Jazeera Airways is a Kuwait Public Shareholding Company with an initial public offering in Kuwait that was oversubscribed 12 times. The airline is the first and only privately owned airline in Kuwait and the Middle East and one of the few airlines in the Middle East built on a low-fares business model.

Tour Egypt

Egypt is probably the world’s oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3 100 BC historically. Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots. Early Greeks Romans and others went there just for fun and to see the wonders of some of mankind’s earliest triumphs. But Egypt is much more than Pyramids and monuments.

Egypt Guide

Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport history started in the forties of the last century when the American Bayn Field air-force base was established five kilometers far from Almaza Airport to serve the Alliance during the Second World War. The American forces left the base by the end of the war.


British Council

We give people around the world and in the UK the opportunities and networks to fulfil their potential and work together.

We do this by teaching English globally and running hundreds of projects supporting education the arts science and sport


French Cultural center

El Ahram Newspaper

Akhbar El Yom


Al Ahram Al Arabi

Al Gomhuria


Monte Carlo Doualiya

Middle East Online

Egypt Home

Welcome to
Egypt’s First Home and Property
Multiple Listing System


A city of International Standards in Egypt

Al Ahly Real Estate

We at Al-Ahly have a vision. It may even be recognized as a dream that we aim to become a reality. We have a dream to design and build homes and compounds where our clients live in comfort and harmony surrounded by leisure activities and exquisite landscaping.

Dream Land Egypt

Dreamland a member of Bahgat Group is acknowledged as one of the largest privately-owned integrated urban development projects not only in Egypt but in the entire Middle East. With its genius location and its fascinating atmosphere Dreamland offers something unique for those who seek excellence.

Trust Group

Trust group companies has chosen to play an important role in supporting the national economy through developing real estate and agricultural investment with a new culture and strategy planned by the board of directors of trust group companies through studying the actual problems of the Egyptian market that have affected negatively on development of the economical resources.

Misr Tameer


Contract Cars

Face Book

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends upload an unlimited number of photos share links and videos and learn more about the people they meet.

Al Handasa

Vodafone Egypt

Vodafone Line… The first postpaid line in Egypt that offers the largest variety of free benefits that suit all your different needs.


To maintain our position as the leading mobile service provider in Egypt providing the best quality service to our customers the best working environment for our employees top value for our shareholders and proudly contributing to the development of our community.


Etisalat is a leading international telecom company operating in 18 countries around the world. Egypt is one of the countries where operation was launched in May 2007 as the first

Telecom Egypt

1854 witnessed the birth of Egypt’s telecommunications industry.
The first telegraph line connecting Cairo and Alexandria was inaugurated early in 1854 forming the company that was later to become Telecom Egypt.

World Lingo

WorldLingo provides top-quality professional translation services using our global network of human translators combined with WorldLingo’s developed cutting-edge automated translation technologies. From free to use real-time Machine Translations (MT) to top quality Human Translation (HT) for over ten years WorldLingo has been the number one choice.

World Zone

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