Our Core Values

We, at ViewPOINT, cherish knowledge, literature, education, culture, and erudition.

We greatly value creativity, personal integrity, transparency, confidentiality, and professional commitment.

We highly appreciate accountability, leadership, teamwork, and customer service.

As we consider Translation as a genuine creation, we are bound to assess all three dimensions of artistic work, namely

* the idea the impetus behind the work,

* the practice the effectiveness and the impact the work has on our customers, and

* the development the influence the work exercises on the development of our customers’ business.

We have therefore aligned our undertakings, activities, and accomplishments with our system of values and our perception of professionalism.

Our shared values have been the guidelines of the corporate decisions and shaped our commitment; we definitely consider them as the reason for our worldwide reputation, outstanding market status, and durable success.

Quality Statement

We, at ViewPOINT, are determined to continually deliver unmatched quality, by establishing strict procedures and exact criteria for the translation work, by scrupulously observing them, and by methodically implementing all the related Quality Assurance directives.

We are compelled to effective Quality Management throughout our procedures. More specifically,

-Our Quality Policy is maintained and encouraged by the corporate management at all levels.

-Our staff responsibilities and duties are plainly identified.

-Our staff are thoroughly trained and thus fully enabled to undertake their tasks; consequently, they are given full authority within the scope of their responsibilities.

-All the necessary resources are provided to facilitate the work plan.

-All related documentation is maintained, controlled and archived.

Quality improvement is indeed the job of every one of us; by implementing best-in-industry practices and procedures, we equate customer satisfaction with corporate revenue and annual profit increase.

Social Outreach

Social responsibility is greatly valued amongst us, and our pledge to the Cairene community is an evident corroboration of the social dimensions of our business purpose.

We have therefore added an energetic program of social education with language, literature and translation in an effort to familiarize Secondary Education schoolchildren with the prerequisites of our global world, its challenges, and its opportunities.

Furthermore, fully conscious of our position within the Global Village, we have developed our e-zine out of our interest to widen the horizons of teenagers in Egypt and allover the world; we plan on expanding our e-zine (currently available only in English) to the UN official languages at a first stage.