Why Viewpoint? FAQ

What linguistic services do you provide? 
We offer translation, interpretation, subtitling and voice-over services from and into all the official languages of the UN member states, plus a great number of regionally significant languages, and several ancient languages. Furthermore, we provide authentic and notarized translations of official documents. In addition, we deliver localization services for multinational corporations, and consultancy services on all things linguistic.

What other services do you provide?
Beyond the aforementioned, we provide customers allover the world with  documentation, technical writing, copywriting, editing, multimedia techniques, and related training. As far as educational services are concerned, we offer courses of foreign languages, and specialized courses of technical writing and terminology. In addition, we organize workshops on a wide range of subjects.

What markets do you service?  
Headquartered in Egypt, we deliver our services worldwide. With the ICT revolution, the world became a smaller place, and there is no part of the world to be linguistically unrelated to all the rest.

Do you provide DTP handling as part of your package? 
We offer DTP handling with translation quotations for free!

How do you make the difference?  

We are fully devoted to our core values, committed to our viewpoint  on Translation, and determined to take the challenge of our global times.

How do you ensure quality in your work?

Our well diversified translation teams are supervised by linguistic specialists, who examine whether the specific guidelines have been followed and implemented, and revise in case the guidelines have been breached. When we face the case of conflicting approaches to a subject from the part of our specialists, an online emergency meeting among all the involved experts is held in due course of time, and the conclusion of the deliberations is applied without time-consuming procedures.

How do you manage to deliver services when a translation request is made with respect to two totally unrelated languages for which there is no direct dictionary available?

We involve at least three linguists in addition to the two translators, and make available video-conferencing for critical points to be discussed by all the specialists in charge.

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through bank swift, certified checks, MB, Western Union money transfer, and cash in the local and the major international currencies.

What is your e-zine? 
An activity that we undertake out of our willingness to promote culture in the broadest sense of the term, reciprocal knowledge, and understanding among the world’s various cultures; we are determined to raise awareness with respect to the global cultural interconnectedness.

Through this quarterly online publication, ViewPOINT launches an annual competition in Translation, which is always focused on a particular theme.  For example, this year’s theme is “Approach to Children Literature”. The award winning translation is then published in our e-zine!

Are you ISO-certified?

We run our activities on ISO basis. As a matter of fact, we work to the BS EN 15038 standard for translation, using the ISO 9001 framework.