We use network technologies to create, foster, deliver, and facilitate learning anytime anywhere. We view in e-learning the outburst of a new, individualized, comprehensive, dynamic learning content in real time, which greatly contributes to the development of communities of knowledge, by linking learners and practitioners with experts worldwide.

Viewpoint e-Learning Program (VLP) offers a variety of e-learning products to help customers accomplish learning goals in Arabic and several other languages. Our value-added programs expand in fields like Literature and Culture. For selected subjects, we offer core and advanced level learning, providing customers with assessments, progress tracking, and an offline player to enable them pursue e-learning when offline.

In elaborating our VLP, we kept the people we have designed it for in mind; we thus addressed first pedagogical issues and learning styles, and then brought the “e-“ factor in. We offer perfect visualization support, involving clear headings, limited distracters, outstanding visuals, screen-friendly fonts, appropriate white space, web safe colors, etc.