ViewPOINT provides customers with translation courses, general and advanced language courses, specialized courses and workshops, remote and in-house Arabic language courses for foreign residents, as well as various international curricula, e-learning, and pedagogical consultancy.

We currently offer curricula – to individuals and corporations – in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic, and plan to expand our departments and offer distance learning.

Our renowned ViewPOINT’s educational programs (VEPs) are geared to turn customer weaknesses to strengths, while offering a holistic approach to languages, literatures, and cultures.

A compulsory classification test, involving the Spoken Language Evaluation ( SLE), the Writing Skills Assessment (WSA), and the Reading Skills Assessment (RSA), helps instructors and education managers correctly evaluate the linguistic background of candidates without internationally recognized certificates and diplomas.

Evaluation exams are given at the end of every term, and internationally recognized certificates are bestowed upon the successful students.